If you are interested in entering medicine or other health sciences in University, Acing your UMAT will show you exactly what it takes. This seminar goes beyond showing students and parents a detailed, practical guide to every section of the UMAT exam, to explaining the motivation, qualities, and lifestyle of becoming a doctor.

The seminar is divided into two sections –

Becoming a Doctor
Becoming a doctor is more than just getting into Medicine. It is a lifestyle choice that requires very serious commitment. You need be very clear about why you want enter this profession. Our seminar gives you an inside look at the type of work you’ll be facing as a doctor, the qualities you need, and the lifestyle you can expect both as a University Student and a practitioner, to help you make an informed decision.

Getting into Medicine
In this part, we explain the hard, practical and specific facts of how to get into Medicine, including a comprehensive breakdown of the UMAT and interview process. We will show you:

1. Exactly what UMAT is and how it differs to your school exams
2. A step-by-step breakdown of each section, including sample questions
3. Frameworks to master the typical question types
4. A free UMAT exam, and assessment to evaluate your weaknesses.

By helping students understand the specific details of the UMAT, we can help you maximise your chances of getting into Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry or Pharmacy.

Acing your UMAT is held on the third Sunday of every month in our Epping Centre. Book your place now!

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